August 2, 2010

um, yeah… this would be the late version 😉 Apologies as I went to bed early and the product review completely slipped my mind even though I had it all ready to go lol

When I got the newsletter from Pickleberrypop, I just couldn’t resist buying a lolly bag. They’ve been around for 4 years now (and I’ve been a forum member for all of them *sigh* oh the memories lol) and I love their yearly tradition. I’ve only bought one bag for now, but I have my eye on a couple of others. At only $3.50USD, they are great value.

The bag I bought to show you all is the one by Dawn Inskip. I’ve been wanting to try out Dawn’s designs for a little while and this was the perfect opportunity.

I just realised this is going to be a reveal as well as a review, but that’s okay cos it’s been shown on the Reveal blog as well 😉

5 products for $3.50 is extremely good value.
You get these gorgeous Blooms:

And these cute little Nature Expression Tapes:

You also get a kit full of totally cute animals in her Farmyard Fun kit:

Yes, there is more lol
A funky little pack of More Stick People:

And this colourful Puddle Wonderful alpha:

See? Lots of goodness for such a small price. I am very happy with the purchase!
So much so, I am going back and most likely purchase a couple of others (it’s the last day though, so hurry if you want some goodies). I do specifically have my eye on the Lolly Bag by Katef… she has it revealed in store and it looks very funky and colourful.

I will be back later with some freebie finds (promise!) 🙂 Have a lovely day everyone!


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