July 21, 2010

We found some lovely layouts this week. And thank you to those readers who sent in links to some gorgeous pages. I’ve happily included them in this week’s inspiration round-up 🙂

Going bananas over you!! by Ozegirl
Awesome extraction and wonderful element placement. It looks like a story book picture with the little boy swinging through the trees 🙂

So easy to love you by dlhoffer
A beautiful, simple layout. An adorable photo surrounded by carefully chosen elements.

I heart this girl by bcnatty
Love the blocking, love the photos and love the colours. Great layout 🙂

Matheus and the girls by Loreta Labarca
I love how the swirls make the elements sweep across the page. It is so full of fun, laughter and colour. Awesome.

I love my snorkel by Lilly-10
The subject of this page has such a gorgeous face that I had to include it today. I love all the colours and the fun element placement. But mostly I think the photos are adorable 🙂


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2 Responses to “July 21, 2010”

  1. Grama J Says:

    These are GREAT inspirational Layouts … THANKS!!!

  2. Lilly Says:

    Thank you sooo much.
    I also love everyone elses work.

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