July 13, 2010 (Part One)

LOL Being school holidays, my days are a little mixed up! So I’ll do two posts today.

The product spotlight this week is something I’ve been wanting to buy for a while, and when I saw the preview for the most recent kit I grabbed it. I’m talking about Spngbird Avenue and their charity kits. This month’s kit, Be Free appealed to me firstly because it’s a gorgeous kit, but also because the chosen charity is Mercy Ships. I have a friend who has volunteered with them, so it is a charity that is close to my heart.

The kit itself is a good size. Lots of lovely papers (22 full papers and 3 rounded eyelet papers) and plenty of gorgeous elements, with the inclusion of an alpha and a template. The only thing I would suggest is that the store split the first zip. It is 136mb and I had some trouble downloading it properly with the zip being corrupt the first time. But it is seriously pretty and well worth it, especially considering the wonderful charity it is supporting. I will also be keeping an eye on Laurie Ann’s work from now on.


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One Response to “July 13, 2010 (Part One)”

  1. ninie Says:

    this kits seems to be amazing!

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