March 10, 2010

I went wandering this morning through a couple of different galleries and found these wonderfully inspiring layouts:

This is Me by Fê Marini
A white background + paint + great colours = a real winner for me 🙂 It has such a lovely fresh feel to it.

Meow by stampin_rachel
This kitty is gorgeous! Love the great photos and the journalling. The bead sprinkle is a good touch.

Lucky Indeed by dna13
I read all the way through the journalling. I smiled and I cried with the author. I love the design of the page and the element placement.

Growing by kaleandkiara
This is a page for one of this week’s ADSR challenges. She had to pick a particular colour and this layout has turned out perfectly. The black and white photo is just right for the soft colour scheme of the page.

A love of girl by Vany® Qualtieri
This page popped out at me from the gallery. I think it was originally the gorgeous colour scheme and then the little girl’s beautiful smile. I love the circles and the element clustering.


5 Responses to “March 10, 2010”

  1. Fê Marini Says:

    I love it!!! I was very glad you liked the layout and to have been chosen to spotlight!

  2. Marisa Sócio Says:

    Wow! Great choice! Beautiful pages!

  3. Vany® Qualtieri Says:

    Thank you very very much for featuring my page!
    I really looooooooove it!!!!!!! There are so many perfect pages here!!

  4. Aline Charpinel Says:

    so amazing pages!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for inspiration!!!

  5. Dani Felipelli Says:

    Wow!!! Gorgeous pages!!!

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