March 3, 2010

I had a lot of fun looking through the galleries today. I did go back a little bit in some case because I had bookmarked one or two layouts that I liked over the weekend and I didn’t want them to miss out. One in particular was brought to my attention lol and made it into the final 5 🙂
So here are this week’s layout inspirations:

Oh Lovely Chocolate by eryn
This was an entry for an ADSR challenge. If you can’t tell, the racers had to use chocolate somewhere on their layout (I can spy a yummy piece of Lindt chocolate in the bunny’s hand *yum*). I adore the bright, funky colours and that bold title. The bunny was a particularly good touch as it has reminded me that Easter is fast approaching and I had better go sort out eggs for the kids (and adults ;)).

3 Generations by princess.erica
The history nut in me loves these sort of photos. There is just something extra special about getting several generations all together in the one place and preserving the memory. The paper blocking was a great idea and the simplicity with use of white space helps to keep the focus on the photo.

First Bath by tam65
Baby and Daddy photos have the ability to make me melt and go all gooey. Soppy, I know. The thing about this layout is that it uses such a busy background, but it still works to draw your eye in to the photo. The soft colours and minimal embellishments help as well.

Baby Kielei by hazelolivedesigns
Look at that adorable photo! Its big, its the centre of attention and everything works around it to help it stay that way.

A Beautiful Mess by hutchie
I’m sorry, but the look of attitude made me laugh out loud. The black background with the hint of colour and the perfectly blended photo really grabs your attention.


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