January 6, 2010

Inspiration found today in a couple of galleries:

Smile by tsavoie11
The gorgeous little girl in the photo is perfectly surrounded by beautiful blocks of colour and great use of white space.

Daddy’s Girl by mum_boyz2
I was grabbed by the bright colours offset against the white background. A great use of bright, happy colour to convey the feeling of the photo.

5 Weeks and 1 Day by tam65
The use of colour is great and those bubbles overlaying the photo are fantastic. The little boy looks so happy, and this is definitely a memory to remember.

You are my everything by lizzyfizzy
The soft colours, the great work on the photos and all the circles. Love it!

Forever Grateful by 5angels
I found this gorgeous page over at Pixel Canvas while browsing through the galleries. It won the Pen Scrappers contest, and you can easily see why. The great photo and excellent brushwork is just the start.

We like to showcase five layouts a week picked randomly from galleries in our bookmarks. If you think we should add one of your favourite galleries to our search list, please email us a link at digitallyinspired@mail.com


One Response to “January 6, 2010”

  1. lizzyfizzy Says:

    thank you so much!!! i am honored!! ❤

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